The band the world wasn't ready for
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For Audioweb fans everywhere...

The band's entire set from BBC Radio 1's Sound City event, recorded at the Town & Country Club, Leeds, England - April 1996.

Personal Feelings

When a band breaks onto the music scene, the immediate reaction is to
pigeon-hole them. When Manchester outfit Audioweb emerged in 1995,
with their debut single Sleeper, everyone, it seemed, from the UK music
rags to BBC Radio 1, would stop at nothing till they successfully labelled
this exciting new four-piece with one universally-acceptable, media-
friendly tag. But for a band that fused guitar-rock with elements of dub,
dance, techno, reggae & ragga, all into one original sound, this would
prove an impossible task. To this day, I still cannot put them into one
single bracket - and this is part of the affection I have for them. The fact
they were so different, so in-yer-face, so non-conformist - with the music
media of the time not knowing what to do with them - makes them one
of the original bands of modern times.


Maybe they were a band ahead of their time, maybe they signed to the
wrong label, maybe with all the multi-avenue, DAB, online interactive,
new-age TV and internet, that today's digital media has to offer, maybe
they just were born at the wrong time, and would be thriving in today's
market. Who knows? All I know is, Audioweb were one of the greatest
bands of the '90s, and hardly anyone noticed them, or paid them the
dues they deserved.


Music should not be about the fight to be Christmas No.1, or trying to
emulate the most fashionable sound of the moment, just to give yourself
that easy foothold into the charts to make shitloads of cash - music
should be about finding new boundaries, creating a great sound but
from a different angle, doing what you want to do, not what the music
media would like you to do - and if you play music that the media deems
too unpopular for radio or TV airplay, simply because it doesn't fit into
their two-dimensional, narrow-minded, commercial-savvy mindsets, then
it truly is a sad world we live in, and many great, innovative musical
sounds will pass by the wayside.


When this site launched, all I wanted was to learn why the band came to
split and what everyone has been doing since. Musicians move on, and
sometimes they're none too happy to rake up past experiences and
incidents, so I have to say I was more than delighted with the response
I had. In short, a big thank you must go out to Kimberly Wesson for
helping to get the ball rolling, Sean McCann for his time and
trouble, and especially to Maxi for all his help, time and support
in giving me all the information I needed to help build the site. Also,
mustn't forget Martin for providing some of the best vocals ever
committed to disc, and Robin for one of the greatest guitar
riffs in music history .... you know which one I mean!


It's you guys that made this site possible.

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