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Discography & Multimedia

                          "Audioweb"                                   "Fireworks City"
Album Release - October 1996                Album Release - October 1998


B-Side -  Personal Feeling  -  June 1998

BANKROBBER         "some is rich and some is poor"

Album Track #8  -  AUDIOWEB
Single Release  -  February 1997 

Watch the *BANKROBBER* promo video

Watch *BANKROBBER* performed live on TFI Friday

A live studio performance of *BANKROBBER* recorded at Greater London Radio, c.1996.

CONTROL         "you're just a face amongst the crowd"

Album Track #9 -  FIREWORKS CITY

DIVIDE         "so, what's your solution?"

B-Side  -  Into My World  -  May 1996

DRIP FEED         "sometimes it feels like we're more dead than alive"

Album Track #10  -  AUDIOWEB

FAKER         "trying to keep the credit bills at bay"

Album Track #4  -  AUDIOWEB
Single Release  -  April 1997

FREEFALL         "so here I am, a broken man"

Album Track #7  -  FIREWORKS CITY

GET OUT OF HERE         "sometimes you can't stop a bullet with a bulletproof"

Album Track #11  -  FIREWORKS CITY
Single Release  -  October 1998

GOD         "there's too much junk going through my brain"

B-Side  -  Sleeper  -  September 1995

HOME         "it's where I was created"

B-Side  -  Bankrobber  -  February 1997

I DON'T KNOW         "what do you wanna do now?"

B-Side  -  Faker  -  April 1997

INTO MY WORLD         "it doesn't have to be forever"

Single Release  -  May 1996
Album Track #3  -  AUDIOWEB

A live version of *INTO MY WORLD* recorded at the Reading Festival in 1996.

JAH LOVE         "the only one for me"

Album Track #7  -  AUDIOWEB

LOVER         "I'm leaving this world, so no-one can find me"

Album Track #9  -  AUDIOWEB

A live version of *LOVER* recorded at the Reading Festival in 1996.

LOVE'S GONE WRONG         "you take away the memories of my mind"

B-Side  -  Faker  -  April 1997

MEDIACRITY         "don't be afraid to begin again"

B-Side  -  Personal Feeling  -  June 1998

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED         "you say you're a rude boy"

B-Side  -  Personal Feeling  -  June 1998

THE OTHER SIDE OF LIFE         "they really don't know they're born"

B-Side  -  Sleeper  -  October 1996

OUT OF BOUNDS         "just... bring up the drums and the bass"

B-Side  -  Policeman Skank  -  March 1998

OUT OF MANY         "the only thing that's real and true, has always been inside of me"

Album Track #8  -  FIREWORKS CITY

OUT OF MY MIND         "I'm so lonely 'cos I missed you"

Album Track #10  -  FIREWORKS CITY

PERSONAL FEELING         "I don't wanna turn the wheel without you"

Single Release  -  June 1998
Album Track #3  -  FIREWORKS CITY

Watch *PERSONAL FEELING* performed live

Listen to an amazing acoustic performance of *PERSONAL FEELING* from MTV in 1998.

POLICEMAN SKANK  (the story of my life)          "left, right, upper-cut blow"

Single Release  -  March 1998
Album Track #1  -  FIREWORKS CITY

A unique acoustic performance of *POLICEMAN SKANK* from MTV in 1998.

SAME SONG         "our page was always planned"

B-Side  -  Policeman Skank  -  March 1998

SENTIMENTS FOR A REASON    "what have you got left but your conscience?"

Album Track #5  -  FIREWORKS CITY

SIT PON DI RHYTHM         "you can hear me sound, you can hear me style"

B-Side  -  Faker  -  April 1997

SLEEPER         "I'm numb to the war in a distant country"


Single Releases  -  September 1995 / October 1996
Album Track #1  -  AUDIOWEB

A live version of *SLEEPER* recorded at the Reading Festival in 1996.

"you've got me thinking, of things I used to do with you"

Album Track #6  -  FIREWORKS CITY

TEST THE THEORY         "coming to a town near you"

Album Track #2  -  FIREWORKS CITY
Single Release  -  February 1999

Watch the *TEST THE THEORY* promo video

THEME FROM TUBBA RELISH         "we found nothing is impossible"

B-Side  -  Bankrobber  -  February 1997

TIME         "he grew old, lost control and became what I am"

Album Track #6  -  AUDIOWEB

A live version of *TIME* recorded at the Reading Festival in 1996.

TRY         "this is all I want you to be"

Album Track #4  -  FIREWORKS CITY

WAITING FOR THE SUN         "I'm such a fool to keep on lying, lying, lying"

B-Side  -  Yeah?  -  February 1996

WHAT DO YOU WANT?       "sometimes when I wake up, I don't wake up with you"

B-Side  -  Get Out Of Here  -  October 1998

WHO ARE THEY?         "come to blow your mind, one of a kind"

B-Side  -  Bankrobber  -  February 1997

WHO'S TO BLAME?        "your bloody hand shows broken glass that sits deep in 
                                                                            my pocket"

Album Track #5  -  AUDIOWEB

YEAH?         "I don't care for your two-faced smile"

Single Release  -  February 1996
Album Track #2  -  AUDIOWEB

A live version of *YEAH?* recorded at the Reading Festival in 1996.

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